By The Remasekongoni Research Team – 28th March 2018

On 29th July 2010, Brave Joswa Isaac George Chakhumbira was installed as Inkosi Chakhumbira the fourth at a ceremony at Mzamani School ground in Lizulu. Honourable Goodall Gondwe presided over the Installation ceremony after the Ntcheu District Commissioner Mr. Mac Loud Kadammanja invoked Chapter 24; 03 Section 4 of the chiefs Act that empowers the President of the Republic of Malawi to accept a chosen person to be a chief.
After the presentation of the government gown to the new chief by the honourable Minister of Local Government, Mrs. Malinki the Acting Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani, in the name of Jesus Christ crowned Brave as Inkosi Chakhumbira IV on behalf of Inkosi Ya Makosi V. Happening for the first time in Ngoni history, the wife of Inkosi Brave Chakhumbira was also installed as a Helper of Inkosi Chakhumbira; something which surprised many people and can be referred to as a big departure from culture. There is a great need to investigate what this coronation of the Inkosi’ wife was all about!
All this was done by Mrs. Malinki despite a court injunction against her to act as a regent after she was sued by her relatives of Samson Gomani family. It is therefore clear that Mrs. Malinki was in contempt of a court ruling. She did not bother to defy the court order in front of the Malawi Government officials, under the protection of Mr. Macloud Kadammanja who was the Ntcheu DC and GoodallGondwe who was the minister of Local Government respectively at that time.

It also surprised many people of Mzamani and surrounding villages around the Nkosini when the Royal aunt declared herself that she was now acting on behalf of Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani 5. It has to be mentioned that Mrs. Malinki and some of the Ntcheu Inkoses especially Inkosi Alex Phambala and the DC Kadammanja and some notable Impis like Levi Mihowa were on record claiming that Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 5 did not exist by then, but only a Crown Prince. They rejected the fact that according to Ngoni culture and Tradition the Maseko Ngonis at large accepted Mswati Kanjedza Gomani as Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 5 on the laying to sleep of his father Kanjedza Gomani 4, as Mswati was made to stand by the grave of his father Kanjedza where the transfer of Ngwenyama powers was done.

On the other hand, the coronation of Inkosi Brave Chakhumbira left a lot to be desired within the Gomani Paramouncy. The coronation of Brave Chakhumbira was done during the mourning period of Inkosi Ya Makosi Kanjedza Gomani IV. Despite being warned officially against installing the chief during this period by the Amagc’amane Maseko Gomani Trust, the Malawi Government and Mrs.Rosemary Malinki went ahead with the coronation ceremony. During the time of the coronation Chakhumbira had no house; he was being housed by Mr. Betha who is a relative in the village. In his plan, the sleeping Kanjedza Gomani 4 had promised to build a house for Inkosi Brave Chakhumbira realising he had no house. This house was never built as bricks were vandalized and sold by one Vincent Makonyola!

Strangely, during the coronation ceremony, the Acting Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 5 – Mrs Malinki, went on to warn Group Village Headman Mpalare that the new chief should not die young like his late father Joshua who only reigned for 90 days and died. One wonders if Inkosi Joshua Chakhumbira was bewitched by Village head Mpalare, hence the warning. Another notable thing was that most prominent citizens of Nkosini and around Lizulu were absent at the function and that all Maseko Ngoni Chiefs who were present at the function came without their Ngoma dancers as it is the Maseko ngoni custom. Thanks to Ngoma from Inkosi Kanduku of Mwanza who rescued the situation later in the day as the function started off with only 7 Lizulu Ngoma dancers. The Ngoma dancer from Mwanza arrived after Inkosi Brave Chakhumbira had already been installed. It was clear that people in Lizulu were sending a message to the Maseko Paramouncy Leadership that thing were not okay with them. That was how an Inkosi was installed by a Regent when the Maseko Ngonis were still in the 10th month of mourning our Ngwenyama Kanjedza. Remember that Kanjedza had just died the previous September and that the installation was happening less than a year since his demise.

History tells us very loud and clear that installation or coronation of an Inkosi is done by a reigning Inkosi Ya Makosi since Inkosi Ya Makosi has the authority vested in him by Inkosi Mkulukulu. Besides being a political leader an Inkosi is also a spiritual leader of his people. Therefore, technically, inkosi Brave Chakhumbira was not installed traditionally as a Ngoni Chief.

In our case we have Inkosi ya Makosi Zintambira who is also a true Maseko Ngoni King installed and Crowned by Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani I after the division of his territory by the Portuguese and the British. Do not forget that Zintambira & Gomani were brothers from the same father Chikuse. The other brothers included Kabango, Mandala and Bvumbwe. Therefore Inkosi Ya Makosi Zintambira 4 is a brother of Sleeping Gomani 3 and father of Gomani 4. All these have True Maseko Blood flowing in them. So Inkosi Ya Makosi Zintambira was the rightful person both politically and spiritually to perform the installation of Inkosi Brave Chakhumbira. In so doing the coronation of Brave Chakhumbira would have been blessed by Mkulukulu through the genealogy of the past Ngwenyama’s. Brave could have stood tall on the shoulders of the Maseko ancestors if the coronation was done in a rightful manner
There was no role for a regent or an Acting Inkosi Ya Makosi in this important ceremony. It is also important to note that the title “Acting Inkosi ya Makosi” does not exist in Ngoni vocabulary or in the Chiefs Act. It is a very English term coined by Mrs Rosemary Malinki and DC Macloud Kadammanja to disorient beliefs and destroy our Ngoni unity. It was meant to equate the powers of a real Inkosi Ya Makosi with that of a mere regent. By allowing a regent to coronate an Inkosi then it meant that the Ngoni people legitimized a regent to be Inkosi Ya Makosi. This is the state of affairs which have and crippling the Gomani Paramouncy!

The Coronation of Inkosi Brave Chakhumbira, though done onto the RIGHT person to succeed onto the throne, it was very shameful and a total rapping of Maseko Ngoni traditional laws, culture and traditions. Maseko Ngoni law was breached in three ways. First the Maseko Ngoni were 10th months into the mourning of Ngwenyama Kanjedza IV; secondly Mrs. Malinki was not a rightful Regent and the main mourner herself! and thirdly a regent had no powers to coronate or install an Inkosi it was during mourning period of our Ngwenyama. This was total breach and Dilution of the Maseko Ngoni culture at its best which most of you seem to always be happy with!

It has to be made clear here! Nobody ever challenged the legitimacy of Brave to be installed Inkosi Chakhumbira, The Chieftaincy belonged to him the only problem was that the Maseko Ngonis failed to please the ancestors by conducting an illegal installation traditionally. However many Maseko Ngoni’s felt that it was one of those rare opportunities where we as Maseko Ngonis would have showcased our culture through the mobilization of appropriate Ngoni traditional Pageantry. Those people involved in the preparation of the rare important occasion needed not only to focus on the partying or celebrating part, but to ensure that Ngoni Laws and traditions required for the Installation of a Ngoni Inkosi were planned, prepared for and finally executed by appropriate Ngoni personalities who stand on the shoulders of our ancestors.

We are all aware that the Malawi Government install Chiefs through powers vested in the President/Minister through the Chiefs Act. The ceremony is simply just by wrapping the Chief with a Graduation gown and mind you this was a colonial style established by the colonialist of the British Government. The government ceremony is in no way the Ngoni way of coronation an Inkosi.

Again, the colonialists were using the DC who was the Chief colonizer to perform the colonial rites which we also continue up to this day. Our challenge is to ensure that while the colonial ceremony of recognizing an Inkosi takes place, The Maseko Ngoni’s elders need to ensure that they make available a Legitimate Inkosi Ya Makosi to perform their sacred anointing rite of coronating an Inkosi. This Ngoni Rite is also performed by only a Reigning Inkosi Ya Makosi. Regents do not have ancestral powers vested in them and they cannot perform the coronation of an Inkosi

The Maseko Ngonis failed to adhere to principles dictating the Maseko Ngoni values instead we shamefully perform the Installation of Inkosi Chakhumbira to impress some people and to appease government. The Malawi Government could have waited for the appropriate time!. But DC KAdammanja and Mrs Rosemary Malinki were determined to demonstrate that Mrs Rosemary Malinki as an acting Inkosi Ya Makosi had powers of a Ngwenyama. There is one thing that’s for sure, and that is, the wearing of the chiefs Government Gown is not the Ngoni way of coronating an Inkosi. The gown just entitles someone to receive a monthly stipend from the government confers. Therefore, the reference of the Brave Chakhumbira to Ministry of Local Government is simply an attempt to stop the Ministry of Local Government to disperse the monthy stipend for Inkosi Chakhumbira!

Many people within Lizulu and including The Amang’amane Maseko Gomani Trust, if consulted or requested, could have provided the details as to how the Ngoni ceremony should be carried out. The duty of the Trust is to Advise and guide the Royal Court of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani. The trust does not have the mandate to direct but support events. But they did not take advice and decided to proceed with what was culturally wrong

As we are currently making history, we lost an opportunity of to creating good and admirable legacy in the process.
What we think we should do is to cultivate a culture of genuine consultations on all cultural and traditional issues to build some kind of consensus on any traditional or cultural issue. The Maseko Ngoni Leadership also needs to appreciate the need to carry everyone on board. Of course this may not be possible in all cases but at least they will appreciate the other side of the cases on their hand. We have a lot of prominent Ngonis out there who can help in most of these issues rather than the current unilateral approaches to issues. We may have had lost the Chakhumbira battle before it started. We should have managed the current aftermath before we coroneted him.
No wonder after Mswati has decided to unilaterally suspend Chakhumbira this time for whatever reasons best known to him, but we foresaw this coming. The Brave Chakhumbira installation did not received blessings from the ancestors simply because those who conducted it decide to breach the Maseko Ngoni law.
Worse still, he has decreed that all issues concerning the Chakhumbira Chieftaincy be directed to him! What does this mean? It means he has now decreed and REDUCED himself as INKOSI CHAKHUMBIRA! The Hitler Style! He should has have handed over the chief duties Inkosi Njolomole as his Ziyembe!



As another cycle of Gomani Royal Family meetings after the death of HRH Kanjedza Gomani 4 begin, we notice that the Government has come in to bring order for the sake of political gains. Below are the minutes of the Gomani Royal Family meeting with was held on 14th March  2011 at Nkolimbo Village. What is interesting today is the position of one Prince Henry Hastings Gomani, who instead of being Regent for Mswati Gomani 5 became a the major drum beater for Mrs Rosemary Malinki. Being an ex-Malawi Police Band officer, the job of drum beating suits him very well. Today, on 14th October 2015 he is attending the Gomani Royal as a regent for Mrs Rosemary Malinki as we we all know that Mrs Rosemary Malinki is a Regent for Gomani 5 as was endorsed by the Malawi Government.

Posted by Impi Charles M. Govati.


Date:               14th March 2011

Venue:             Gomani 1 Monument

Time:               11:00am to 14:30pm

People Present:

  1. Inkosi Ya Makosi Zintambira
  2. Baxter Eleazer Mandala Chikuse
  3. Henry Hastings Gomani
  4. Dingiswayo Samson Gomani
  5. Albert Samson Gomani
  6. Justine Mandala Chikuse Maseko
  7. Chikondi Mandala Kamtepa
  8. Jenifer Mandala Maseko
  9. Mphatso Mandala Mgwagwa
  10. Owen Titus Gomani
  11. Edes Titus Gomani
  12. Frank Kanjedza Gomani
  13. Zwelithini Kanjedza Gomani
  14. Charles Mateketa
  15. Charles Peter Kudeni
  16. Augastine Howa
  17. Impi Hlala Kammwamba Jere
  18. T. G. Zinga – Ntcheu District Commissioner’s representative


Election of the Regent for Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani 5 with immediate effect


  1. At the beginning of the meeting, the royal family members appointed Impi Charles Govati to be the secretary of the family meetings.
  2. Baxter Mandala chaired the meeting, and in his opening address he informed all the people that this meeting has been convened to iron out all the outstanding issues surrounding the Gomani Paramouncy authority and especially the regency.
  3. The meeting started very late because all the Gomani Royal family members were waiting for arrival of the DC for Ntcheu Mr. McLeod Kadammanja and Mrs Rosemary Malinki. Later on the DC instructed the members present through a phone call that he will not attend the meeting and also instructed that the meeting should proceed even without Mrs Rosemary Malinki.
  4. Baxter Mandala who is a senior prince of the Gomani royal family and Grandson Philip Gomani 2 urged all the royal family members to fully cooperate in the deliberations since this meeting will decide the future of the Maseko Ngoni Kingdom.
  5. The discussions was opened by Inkosi Ya Makosi Raphael Dama Zintambira 4 who asked the Gomani Royal family members why it has taken so long to resolve these issues up to the extent of leaving him in the dark without updating him on the existing regency standoff? Who also enquired as to who selected Mrs Malinki to be Regent.
  1. Henry Gomani explained to the meeting how Mrs Malinki seized the Regency the reasons why it has taken so long to settle down the paramouncy issue, and these are:
    • Since the whole kingdom was still mourning the death of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani who passed away 18 months ago, they did not want to disturb the mourning and instead Mrs. Malinki took the advantage and imposed herself a regent with the support of the Ntcheu DC Mr McLeod Kadammanja and the Ministry of Local Government.
    • Henry Gomani further said that Mrs. Malinki took advantage of the situation and went further to divide the royal family so as to make it weaker so that she could later crown herself as Ngwenyama.
    • She also we went further to use Inkosi Masasa and Inkose Champiti to intimidate other Inkoses by forcing them to give Bayethe salute to Mrs Malinki, a salute reserved for Ngwenyama only, when they both know very well that this is treasonable in Ngoni Culture.
    • He also said that after observing her for a considerable period, the Royal family started requesting for the meetings with her in order to discuss the way forward. This meeting was also pertinent taking into account that the heir to the throne, Mswati Kanjedza Gomani was only 13-14 years by that time. But Mrs. Malinki with the assistance of some Impis in Lizulu and Blantyre started playing hide and seek by not attending the meetings or by conducting kangaroo meetings with villagers in Lizulu and claiming that the Gomani Family has discussed and agreed on some of these contentious issues.
    • One of such meetings, was the fake family meeting which was held on 23rd October 2009 which was the basis of the which was letter written by Inkosi Phambala claiming that we of the Gomani Family and Inkoses had discussed and agreed that Mrs Malinki is the selected regent.
    • Henry Gomani further said that after futile attempts to get Mrs. Malinki on board, the Royal family decided to engage the government through the Ntcheu DC to invite Mrs Malinki for discussions. This approach also did not help either as the royal family later discovered that the DC has also vested interest in the Paramouncy issue and was sending to government messages which were contrary to the family recommendations.
    • Mr Henry Gomani also informed the meeting that it appears that the DC regards Mrs Rosemary Malinki as The Gomani Royal Family and a representative of the whole 7 families.
    • Lastly Mr. Henry Gomani reported to the meeting that Mrs. Malinki only attended one royal family in Lizulu which did not end well and that nothing concrete was agreed because of Mrs. Malinki’s handling of the royal family members by among other things inviting villagers and policemen to intimidate members.
  1. Then the meeting found that Mrs. Malinki can no longer continue to act as a regent for the following reasons.
  • The Maseko Ngoni is a warrior race so only males can lead the maseko Ngoni.
  • Malinki was given in marriage to Malinki family therefore according to Maseko Ngoni culture she no longer belong to Lizulu
  • Maseko ngoni culture does not allow a person to be a regent twice even if she was a male
  • According to Maseko Ngoni culture a regent does not come from the family line of the king to avoid conflict of interest
  • Malinki is guilty of taking away Mswati from Lizulu and hid him away from his relatives.
  • Malinki has no authority of whatever to raise the crown prince
  • Malinki is guilty of not taking the deceased family and presenting it to the Inkosi Ya Makosi Zintambira who is the living patriarch of the Masekos in Mozambique.
  • Malinki is using politicians and government machinery to usurp power and has installed herself as Inkosi ya Makosi.
  • Mrs Malinki is using the Inkoses to justify her status and authority by demanding the Bayete salute from people a previlage reserved for the Maseko Ngoni Ngwenyama.
  • Despite being paid by government the salary of a paramount chief, she does not give support of any kind to Inkosikati and children. All the inkoses children are all out of school due to lack of school fees. And they are living as destitute.
  • Because of Mrs Malinki’s stubbornness and resistance to advice the Maseko Ngoni culture and traditions have been denied growth, unity and prosperity.
  • Mrs Malinki continually misleads the Government in concert with the DC by molesting Maseko Ngoni culture by staging traditional ceremonies and rites parallel to the Maseko ngoni culture. She ignores the fact that a regent cannot preside over installation ceremonies.
  1. Basing from these facts the meeting unanimously elected Mr. Henry Hastings Gomani to be the regent for Mswati. Mr. Henry Gomani was favoured taking into account that he was the right hand man for the late Inkosi Ya Makosi Kanjedza Gomani 4 therefore he is conversant with Paramouncy affairs. This would also lay off the false stories spread by Mrs Malinki that the Children of Samson Gomani want to take over the Chieftaincy.
  2. On the issue of the Chieftaincy, the Samson, Titus and Hastings Gomani families made it clear to the meeting that their main duty is to protect the chieftaincy and uphold Ngoni culture and traditions.
  3. The meeting also agreed that all activities concerning the Maseko Ngoni’s are halted until government response on the election of Mr. Henry Gomani as the legitimate regent. This means that Mrs. Malinki or no other person including the DC has any mandate to transact any duty on behalf of the Maseko Ngonis and the Royal family.
  4. Planning of all cultural and traditional activities will be done when Mr Henry Gomani starts acting as the Official Maseko Ngoni Regent.
  5. Lastly the meeting agreed that main output of this meeting will be the letter communicating to the Government in writing informing the Minister of Local Government about the election of Mr. Henry Gomani as a regent. The letter should have an attachment of the names of all members who attended this meeting.
  6. The Royal family members discussed and agreed to choose Inkosi Ya Makosi Zintambira , Mr Baxter Eleazer Mandala Chikuse, Mr Henry Gomani and Impi Kam’mwamba Jere to be the signatories of the Royal family letters to the government.
  7. The meeting also agreed that the notification letter to the government about the election of Mr. Henry Gomani as a regent should be presented on Monday 14th March 2011 direct to the Ministry headquarters because from the previous experience the DC cannot deliver it to the ministry.
  8. The meeting also discussed and agreed that Mr Baxter Mandala and Inkosi Ya Makosi Zintambira must have a meeting with Inkosi Njolomole after this family to seek his views on the agreements which have risen in this meeting.
  9. The meeting with Inkosi Njolomole took place one hour after the ending of this meeting at his Ntchakhata headquarters. He agreed fully with all the discussion and agreements and promised Inkosi ya Makosi Zintambira 4 to stand by those agreements. He also supported the idea of delivering the letter to ministry of local government directly because the DC and Mrs Malinki are good friends and would never send this letter to Capital Hill.

Being there no any other business to discuss, the meeting was declared closed at around 14:30hrs

Baxter Mandala Maseko                                             Impi Kammwamba Jere



Many times people have claimed that some of us are frustrated advisers to the Gomani. In actual sense we are proud with the role we play and advise always when there is need to advise. but as we all know advice is simply advice. It can be taken or ignared. Below is a classic case where Mrs Rosemary Malinki called for a meeting with me to discussed the way forward just a month after the burial of HRH Kanjedza Gomani 4. She had released after running the Royal office that I was the kingpin of that office and she wanted to rope me into her administration too. Below are the minutes of that meeting of which she has a copy too. The only thing which was implemented was our visit to Katsekela with Impi Victoria Keelan to represent the Ngwenyama. The rest was never implemented. But It just sparked off a battle of wits which made her realise that I was a true Ngoni at heart and she was not! Enjoy going through the minutes of that meeting on 29th November 2009 where we had crown prince Mswati Gomani in attendance too! The meeting started off with a black out. We also had a nice supper meal which was cooked by late Anachisale Thokozile Malinki, Mrs Malinkis Eldest daughter who was also a member of the Gomani Trust.



DATE: 24 November, 2009.
TIME: 19:00 Hrs.
VENUE: ADMARC Guest house Area 43.

Mrs. Rosemary Malinki. Crown Prince Mswati Gomani
Lewis Govati Mr. Charles Govati.
Thokozile Malinki. 2 Cousins to Thokozile
Collins Chibondo.


1. Mrs. Rosemary Malinki asked the Trust to call for a meeting with all the Impi’s. She indicated that the impi’s need to be given two possible dates for the meeting so that they can choose one date.

2. Mr. Govati indicated that for planning purposes we need to have a list of all the impi’s. All Impi’s must be identified and their contacts must be established. We also need a draft agenda for the meeting. Mrs Rose Malinki promised to furnish the list of the impis once she returns to Blantyre.

3. Mrs Malinki also broke the news that government had sent her a letter confirming that she is now the official regent for Gomani 5, and we all welcomed the news.

4. We then went on to discuss the power vacuum at Lizulu. It was noted that currently Inkosi’s are not reporting to the Nkosini about their activities and that some Inkosi’s have restarted installing chiefs a practice which was halted by Inkosi ya makosi Gomani 4. As Mrs Malinki is currently employed in Blantyre she can not manage to handle all the issues at the nkosini. It was then agreed that at the mean time a Temporary Tribunal (Privy counsel) will be appointed in Lizulu which will handle the day to day duties of the Royal court comprising of Inkosi Njolomole as a senior of the the inkosi’s, Mr. Bema Ziphondo as an active impi at nkosini, Mr. Chatepa the chief clerk of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 4 and Bambo Edith Gomani, the eldest sister of the family to represent the royal house. Once Counsel is setup Mr Govati will resume covering them up when needed on other administrative issues as we were doing with Inkosi Gomani 4.

5. Mrs Malinki promised to set up this temporary counsel on her way back to Blantyre the following day 25th November 2009.

6. Mrs Malinki Notified us that the Vice President is attending a function at Katsekela Health Centre in TA Mpando’s Area on Safe Motherhood. She requested members of the Maseko Gomani trust to accompany her to this function on 26 November 2009. Mr Govati, Colins Chibondo and Thokozile Malinki pledged to accompany Mrs Malinki to this function.

7. An enquiry was made and Inkosi Mpando indicated that they do not have ngoma dancers and they need support from lizulu or Inkosi Njolomole. It was agreed that Transport should be arranged to ferry Ngoma dancers from Lizulu to Katsekela on 26 November, 2009, to perform at the Vice President’s function by Hon Hiwa the MP for Ntcheu west. When contacted by phone he was unwilling to provide transport.

8. Mrs Malinki informed the gathering that The Summon from court challenging the, eligibility of Mrs. Rosemary Malinki’s regency and Mswati’s ascendency has been filed in a Blantyre and that the summons were served to her.

9. At this point Mrs Malinki also informed us that the Attorney General offered herself to represent the Royal family when the case starts. Mr Govati welcomed the assistance offered by the attorney general and indicated that she was indeed well placed to handle the issue on her behalf. Mr Govati indicated that the Trust also has a lawyer who can assist in examining the summons should there be need to do so as along as we have copies of the summons.

10. Mrs Malinki promised to send a copy of the summons as soon as she gets to Blantyre on 25th November 2009.

11. Mr Govati however stressed the need for dialogue in order to resolve this conflict. Because it has risen due to lack of dialogue and negativity within the royal household. Indeed there are good reasons for the state of affairs but “WE” are now the head we need to handle most of these issues with gentleness, kindness and love.

12. Mrs Malinki also expressed displeasure with the conduct of Inkosi Kwataine and she felt that The Inkosi needs some kind of disciplinary action. Mr Govati advised that She should table the matter with DC and chart a way forward together with the DC. Otherwise, the action she can take now is only to isolate him in Nkosini activities until all the confusion issues are resolved. Given that the people who have petitioned the court are from Inkosi Kwataine, Indeed, He could had have summoned them to hear their case in his court and advise Lizulu accordingly. It appears this was not done as there is a general belief that he is also behind the summons too.

13. It was also agreed in principle that a meeting of all inkosi’s is required urgently to address royalty issues. Mr Govati recommended that Inkosi Njolomole, the the eldest of the Inkosi’s is well placed to call for this meeting. However it was recommended that Mrs Malinki should first meet each Inkosi on a one to one basis to develop a common understanding of the issues and adopted a united front before calling them for a Chiefs Counsel meeting. Otherwise there is a possibility that things may easily get out of hand or may not yield desirable results.

14. Mrs. Rosemary Malinki also indicated that the DC has informed her that there are Chiefs whose coronation was on pending due to the funeral of Gomani 4. She indicated that she intends to resume implementing all the activities which were scheduled for or by Gomani 4. In view of this She indicated that she would go ahead to coronate the 4 Group village heads in the area of Inkosi Mpando before the end of this year.

15. Mr Govati also requested Mrs. Rosemary Malinki to redefine the Royal family and all members of the Royal family must be enlisted in their family tree.
16. It is also important that every identified member of the Royal family should work together in bringing unity and harmony in the monarchy instead of promoting negativity and hatred with the royal households.

17. Mr Govati also advised Mrs Malinki to evaluate properly the people who give advice to the royal house as some outsiders also claim to be part of the royal family and are in some cases introducing confusion and disunity in their approach to issues. This she agreed and promised to look into it seriously.
18. Mrs. Rosemary Malinki was also worried that our Ngoni brothers under Inkosi Ya Makosi Mpezeni do not visits us despite us visiting them several times. On this point, Mr Govati urged Mrs Malinki to concentrate on doing the good things and it is our hope that we will all be united through the good and positive acts of friendship.

19. It was agreed that all development plans left by the late Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani IV must be carried forward. Mr Govati indicated that he is currently finalizing several papers which will be submitted to the trust in due course.

20. All the rules, procedures and guidelines endorsed by the late Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani IV on guiding the revival and the unification of Ngoni culture must be followed. Mr Govati indicated that Thokozile has all the documents which were commissioned by His Royal Highness Kanjedza Gomani 4 and she should be able to get copies from her. However Mr Govati promised to send the copies through email of Mrs Malinki

21. On the issue of ultimatums given to Inkosi’s and Chiefs, Mrs Malinki pledge to follow up on them. She indicated that she will take up some of the issues directly with chiefs. For example the issue of Inkosi Phambala residing in Blantyre.

22. Mrs Malinki also complained about other churches which still continue to obstruct their faithful from participating in their traditional cultural practices. We noted that this is a great challenge which was addressed by the Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani 4 in his speech at Mua.

23. History and genealogy from the late Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani II to the current state must be written and recorded for future purposes. Special emphasis should be given to history and life of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani IV.

24. A certain gentleman from Zomba has already started collecting the Ngoni history and he requires financial assistance. However Mr Govati indicated that we have seen the financial proposal. But we need the full proposal with the necessary background objectives, the activities and deliverables from the research activities and time frames. It was agreed that Thokozile is in charge of the cultural affairs and she will liaise with the researcher and guide him accordingly.

25. It was agreed that The strategic plan for Ntcheu district must be finalised as soon as possible so that implementation activities can begin.

26. Mr Govati inquired why people give the traditional Bayete salute reserved for a Ngoni Paramount Chief to Inkosi Kachindamoto. Mrs Malinki informed the gathering that this right was given by Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 3 and she was there when it was being given.






A lot of people will be asking this question – Why are we going to court this time?

As I attempt to answer this question, I would like everyone to be reflecting on answering the question – Why is Mrs Malinki clinging to the regency and refusing the coronation of Mswati if she does accepts that Mswati is the rightful heir to the throne?. As you start reflecting on the possible answers to this reflection question, I will attempt to explain on behalf of the Kanjedza Gomani 4 family as follows:-

  1. We have been let down. We have decided to go and seek for a court solution because we have been let down by :-
    1. Our closest relatives and our aunt Mrs Malinki.
    2. Some of the prominent Impis of the Kingdom.
    3. The Inkoses who have themselves failed to act as counsel to Mrs Malinki and the kingdom as a whole..
    4. Our awareness during the last 2 years that Mrs Malinki has also clearly let down the Kingdom as she demonstrated that she is and cannot be a custodian of Maseko Ngoni Culture and Traditions.
    5. The DC for Ntcheu who never had any intention of helping us. But he instead ganged up with Mrs Malinki and some Impis to eliminate our significance through the hide and seek game with the ministry of local government. The DC had the managed to make us look stupid in front of our own culture and kingdom by hiding in Inkosi Champiti and Inkosi Masasa.
    6. By The Director of Chiefs in the Ministry of Local government who has been non responsive to our letters and discussions in his office.
  1. Persecution & Harassment. We as children of Kanjedza Gomani 4 need not have gone through the kind of harassment, persecution and ridicule we have experienced for over 2 years after the death of our father. If we, the Children of the sleeping Ngwenyama Kanjedza Gomani 4 are being badly treated like dogs by our Royal Blood Aunt, a Sister of our Father, how can she be a good regent of our brother? Can she afford to look after the people of the Kingdom when she is failing to take care of us? Already by failing to take care of us, means she has already failed to look after the kingdom and its people.

Below is a summary of some of the persecution Mrs. Malinki has inflicted on the Kanjedza Gomani 4 family. The list is long but the list outlined here will give you a picture of why we are lamenting.

  1. She grabbed all the condolence money instead giving it to the Inkosikati who was the principal mourner.
  2. She grabbed the crown prince from Inkosikati without seeking consent from anyone
  3. She has been talking bad of Inkosikati in order to make her flee Nkosini
  4. She has been describing Frank and Zwelithini sons of her brother as bastards and children out of wedlock because lobola was not paid for their mothers..
  5. She grabbed cattle that was left by our father Kanjedza
  6. She grabbed the cultivation and for Kanjedza’s family
  7. She has been planning the eviction of our mother the Inkosikati since the death of Kanjedza
  8. She grabbed all the cloths of Kanjedza our father.
  9. She shamefully accuses Inkosikati of murdering our father when she knew very well that our father was sick for a long time. In fact our mother the Inkosikati got married to our father when he had just recovered from a life threatening sickness.
  10. She has been denying support and care for our family – The Inkosikati and children – despite receiving the monthly Mswahala of Inkosi Ya Makosi from the government.
  11. She grabbed the family rifle of Kanjedza Gomani IV
  12. She is clinging to hold the Paramouncy while the rightful heir to the throne is alive and well mature that he can be installed
  13. She has been publicly threatening all her critics
  14. She chased out Thembi Chidyaonga Gomani, 19 years old, out of Nkosini by accusing her of practicing witchcraft despite being the daughter of her brother Prince Chidyaonga Gomani Maseko and was later adopted by Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani IV and has the right to live in Nkosini as it is her home
  15. She illegally took custody of Crown Prince Mswati without any consultations with elders and members of the Kanjedza family and Inkoses.
  1. Serious breaches of Maseko Ngoni Culture & Tradition. According to Maseko Ngoni culture, the one and only woman who is eligible to act is the Inkosikati or Njobvukazi. On the contrary, Mrs. Malinki as a Maseko Princess and a royal member of Gomani household has been busy undermining and breaking the Maseko Ngoni culture by acting as a regent with the support of the DC for Ntcheu. Mrs Malinki and the DC went a step further to create a position of Acting Inkosi Ya Makosi which does not appear in the Maseko Ngoni system of governance. These actions cannot be allowed to prevail and the only way we can have this reversed is through courts.
  1. Separation with our young brother Mswati. We of the family of Kanjedza Gomani 4 have never seen our brother Mswati since the funeral of our dad. He was taken away from Lizulu after the funeral and he is not allowed to meet or talk to us. Mswati himself is kept in a prison like environment where he is made to believe that WE his brothers are a threat to his life. We are sure that Mswati himself is not happy with this kind of treatment but there is nothing he can do. We therefore believe that we are the only ones who can do something to correct this situation. We believe that Mrs Malinki took custody of Mswati as a trap for the regency. We would like this situation to change so that we are free to meet and live with our blood relative. It was very sad to note during the family meeting on 27th August 2011 where some Impis testified seeing and having access to Mswati. What about access and socializing with his blood relatives? – Does the Impis access to Mswati mean that we his brothers do access him? We would like to end this kind of hypocrisy among the Impis and it can only be done through the court, since the Inkoses and Impis have failed to resolve this issue through traditional channels.
  1. Lack of Financial and Social Support. Since the death of Inkosi Ya Makosi Kanjedza Gomani IV, The Kanjedza Gomani 4 family has been suffering greatly due to lack of financial and social support. We all have dropped out of school and we sometimes go days without food. We have been relying on people of good will who have periodically help us buy food and pay for some of our bill. This cannot continue at this pace forever. Our father was an Inkosi Ya Makosi and we deserve much better treatment than this. By assuming the regency she also took the responsibility to look after the needs Kanjedza family. This was supposed to be her obligation. Instead, she has been using her status as a regent to defame the Inkosikati, the widow of Kanjedza and insulting we the children of Kanjedza.
  1. Yes lobola may not have been paid for our mothers, but that was not our fault and that does not also make us not be biological children of Kanjedza Gomani our Dad. How many people in the Gomani family have their mothers lobola paid for? The lobola for the mother of Mrs Malinki – Inkosikati Effie Willard Gomani 3 was not and was never paid! Mrs Malinki herself was taken in marriage from Lizulu to Chileka by Mr. Malinki and that full Lobola was paid. This act traditionally made her a resident of Chileka. Now she is back and busy breaching the Maseko Ngoni system of marriage by clinging to Nkosini and chasing out the rightful residence. It is therefore sad that Mrs Malinki and all our relatives have been busy orchestrating our worst fate for us to ensure that we do not enjoy the fruits of the status of our father and Grandfather. This kind of dangerous greed cannot be accepted and we can only resolve this peacefully through the courts.
  1. Deliberate ruining of Maseko Ngoni culture. Since Mrs. Malinki imposed herself as a regent, she has deliberately ruined the Maseko Ngoni culture with the aim of creating confusion in order to make herself a Ngwenyama. She deliberately flouted the Phambala chieftaincy tree in order to have the current Inkosi Phambala enthroned. She has also ruined the Maseko Ngoni culture by wrongfully recommended the elevation of Inkosi Makwangwala to senior chief, a post which does not appear anywhere in Maseko Ngoni cabinet.
  1. The Last family meeting on 27th August 2011. The last straw which brought down our hope of renconciliation was the last family meeting held in Lizulu on 27th August 2011. This meeting was conducted by Impis from Blantyre and chaired by Impi Kandi Padambo. This committee was commissioned by another meeting of Impis and family members in Ntcheu who saw the need for unity within the Royal Household. It was in this meeting where we noticed that people had made up their minds that we of the Kanjedza Gomani 4 family are not important and that the Gomani Chieftaincy was in the house of Willard Gomani 3. This gross misrepresentation of facts made it clear to us that it is likely that our Brother Mswati will never be coroneted as Inkosi Ya Makosi as long as these Impis and Mrs Malinki are ganged up in the way it was demonstrated in this meeting. What was surprising was that our Prince Dingiswayo Samson Gomani who was a leading figure in the push for regularizing the illegal regency suddenly switched sides to support Mrs Malinki.
  1. The events after the 27th August 2011 Meeting. The events which took place after this meeting also confirmed that Mrs Malinki was out in full force with the support of the Impis from Blantyre to banish the Kanjedza Gomani family out of Nkosini. She also demonstrated that none of the people in Ntcheu, The Inkoses, The DC, The Impis or any of our relatives would really reprimand the marauding Mrs Malinki. It was clear to us that only the court would be able to listen to us and a bring a long lasting binding solution to the plight of the Ngoni people.
  1. To secure the true lineage and blood of Gomani Paramouncy. As the 27th August 2011 meeting revealed, Mrs. Malinki is gearing towards the government proclaiming her a Ngwenyama. This means that there is enormous threat to the true lineage and blood line as the Crown Prince Mswati Kanjedza Gomani is considerably young and single. Mrs. Malinki’s actions are demonstrating that she does not care for the future of the Kingdom provided she gets what she desperately needs. Mrs. Malinki being the senior princess of the Gomani Royal household and part of the Paramouncy poses a threat to the Crown Prince because of conflict of interest she might wish to reign forever, and creating rivalry between her children and the Crown Prince. In order to avoid the likelihood of this ever happening, we think that the court case will also ensure that the official bloodline of the chieftaincy is declared and respected.
  1. The Lack of Courage and Honesty among the Prominent Ngonis. We have noticed lack of courage by people who were appointed as Inkoses and Impis to provide for solutions to our problems based on Maseko Ngoni culture and traditions. Most of the solutions which have been offered were clearly meant to appease Mrs Malinki forgetting that we are the sons of Kanjedza Gomani and the custodians of the Chieftaincy. The lowest point these supposed honorary men sank to is the level where they have been giving the bayete salute to Mrs Malinki as Ngwenyama. Mrs Malinki is not supposed to receive the Bayete this bayete salute because she is not a Ngwenyama, She a sister of a Ngwenyama and she is, if anything a regent.
  1. To revitalize the Maseko Ngoni culture. When our father Kanjedza Gomani was being installed as Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani IV he had a vision of reviving the Maseko Ngoni culture. However Mrs. Malinki has been fighting against the people who want to carry on the will and wish of our father the sleeping Ngwenyama Kanjedza to have our Maseko Ngoni culture revived to have a vibrant Maseko Ngoni nation. We cannot allow this to continue as she is dividing the Ngonis with her misguided desires. This court case will also ensure that we have good leadership which will carry on the implementation of the Kanjedza Gomani 4 vision.
  2. To correct the past mistakes. Since Inkosi Ya Makosi Kanjedza Gomani IV went to sleep, the Maseko Ngoni fraternity has lost cultural and traditional direction. We have seen several ceremonies being held which could not be link to any tradition what so ever. We should also avoid setting a precedence having that there was no process or forum that appointed her as a regent, she only took advantage of the grieving scenario and assumed the controlling role at the funeral of his brother Inkosi Ya Makosi Kanjedza Gomani, therefore we must correct this to avoid future reoccurrence of this scenario. She also wrongfully dismissed all Alumuzana’s of the royal court and replaced them with Inkoses against the requirements of the royal court that no Inkosi shall serve in the royal court. As Impis have failed to guide Mrs Malinki we hope that the courts will come up with remedies which will ensure that we should avoid reoccurrence of disorder.
  1. Having noted that the above concerns were not addressed and are not being addressed by the cultural and tribal law of the Maseko Ngonis, it is hopeful that the courts of law will assist in addressing these issues to avoid future reoccurrence.

We are sure that with the outline above, you will appreciate the background which has made us consider using the courts. Looking at the kind of treatment we have been receiving from our relatives and failure of Maseko Ngoni Impis, Inkoses and the DC for Ntcheu to resolve all the issues surrounding the regency and coronation of our brother, we are left with the court as the final option.

Now given that “Ufumu Safelarana” . This Chieftaincy belongs to the Kanjedza family and we have found it appropriate that if we want to live in peace and also ensure that our brother Mswati is coroneted, we need to seek guidance and direction from the courts. No one can do this on our behalf. For us, the writing is clear on the wall. This is why you will see us filling a court case against Mrs Malinki and some of her cohorts to ensure that we set the Kingdom history records straight and avoid repetition of these problems in future.

As the matter is going in court, we may not avoid bringing our tribe in disrepute as we shall beging a process of washing dirty linen in public. We have tried to avoid doing this for the last two years but it appears the Impi community has failed to take control of most of the issues which are in their hands due to vested interests.

We shall also be requiring your financial and moral support in many areas. We shall also be requiring the Maseko Ngoni’s to support us as witnesses in the case.

I would like to thank the Remasekongoni forum for ensuring that our plight was given maximum attention. The forum gave us a lot of inspiration and courage. We always had the hope that the issues would be resolved amicably through the accumulation of the various facts and points which were raised through the forum. Unfortunately, this has not been the case and we are going to court. I will ensure that the forum is updated on the developments so that everyone is kept aware of the developments. It is clear that we all cannot be on the same side but have always valued all the contributions and in insights which they gave.



Prince Frank Kanjedza Gomani & Prince Zwelithin Kanjedza Gomani.

The Way Gomani Maseko Ngonis Do The Things They Do

The Way Gomani Maseko Ngonis Do The Things They DO.

Threat = Intention+Capability

By Charles M. Govati

Published on 16th January 2012

It’s my birthday 16th January 2012 and I am now 50 years old. Mature the hard way! I now move with a Jerry-can and a siphon in my car. I now know how far I can go with the tank meter on E on orange light! I now know how important the petrol attendant is to my life and why the minister of Energy is really not important in the life of many Malawians. This document will find you late because I had not internet on my dongle. MTL told me that their relay station in Songwe was down due to no Escom electricity and their genset was also down due to lack of diesel! Really Mature at 50! Yes, Yes, I tried to use the candle for the internet, inu abaleeeee!

I have also spent this special day reflecting on the Coronation of Mswati 5, the son of my best friend and my King, Kanjedza Gomani 4. I am sure that almost everyone knows that am a strong and most vocal advocate for the Coronation of Mswati Gomani 5. This is why I am disliked, especially by those on the other side who have a game plan to delay the coronation until Mswati is a University Graduate. Not that am against his education, but the threat to his throne is more real today than was during to the lead up for the coronation of his father. In this article, which I am dedicating to Inkosi Ya Makosi  Kanjedza Gomani 4, I will continue to advocate for the quick coronation of his son Mswati  as His Royal highness Kanjedza Gomani 4 always told us to do in case of his sudden death. My objective in the write up is  ensure that those involved in the coronation planning process are aware of the available pitfalls and that the threat is real!

As one of the people who has seen firsthand most of the issues surrounding the Gomani Paramouncy unfolding, I feel it is important that I share one or two insights of my experiences over the last three years. I hope by sharing my experiences and lessons both good and bad I will contribute to ensuring that we have the coronation as envisaged in August 2012.  I do not mind who is in charge of who final delivers the coronation, what I mind most is who is going to be in charge after the coronation! The Tradition or *@#$%&?**!@#, I don’t know.

At first, when Inkosi Ya Makosi  Kanjedza Gomani 4 (IYMKKJG4) was alive and ruling, it used to appear as if all was well and smooth in Nkosini. However, I was always surprised at how  IYMKKJG4 used to do some of the things he used to do and the way he used to say and do them. I always asked him why, and his answer was in most cases – You will understand why, When am gone. He always in most cases refereed me to SUN TZU  – the famous Chinese Army General – Who wrote the book titled – THE ART OF WAR. Special to him was his frequent reference to dealing with the enemy from within and ensuring that you manage the enemy to subdue him rather than kill him. In the process, he himself left an enemy behind who has destroyed his whole foundations and family.

Now, I have seen more people in the same position and with the same perceptions as I had the past 3-4 years. They all have an impression that all is well and done in good faith in Nkosini. In most cases they will tell you – ahhh, leave this there are elders in Nkosini to handle this! Which elders do refer to? Am sure everyone involved both new and old are making their own experiences as time goes by. As is with time, we all get the same 24 hrs and depending on how one uses time some gain and some lose it. For me losing time whilst learning is considered a gain. The Last 2 years was indeed a period when I lost a lot of time and money to ensure that the will and wishes of IYMKKJG4 were fulfilled. It was also the time I learnt the dynamics of our Royal Household and the deceptive behavior and various motives of the people that surround the Royal households. Of course – Me included! I have been amazed to note the ease at which people surrounding the Maseko Royalty like to live in gray areas! I was actually shocked one day when I witnessed a very mature Impi failing to interpret into Chichewa what our Crown Prince said in English! Just because he said I want to be crowned Inkosi ya Makosi. When I queried him, he answered me harshly that “no child can dictate to him what to say”! Mind you this was an Impi in front of Crown Prince Mswati himself! The goodness was that the Crown Prince noted that he did not interpret what he had said!

As we go into the August 2012 coronation of Mswati, they have to know that deception is part of the game. They have to know that mabulantyre play the Blantyre secretive game, whilst the rest us will be dancing malipenga and going into meeting unprepared and without a plan. They have to start sharing notes and being open in their dealings with each other. It is also important that the people involved should appreciate and know that in the year 2011 a similar trend of events commenced in the same fashion as has been done on 14th January 2012 in Lizulu. It was in February of 2011 when the first coronation meeting was convened in Lizulu. What some of us did not do was to fully study and understands the deceptive tactics which the Acting Inkosi Ya Makosi uses in order to achieve her objectives. Secondly, some of us never had the slightest clue of the influence some personalities have on the happenings of Nkosini especially our colleagues in Blantyre who unfortunately we from Lilongwe over trust. Lastly, it was a rude awakening to note the extent to which Tradition and culture is totally ignored just achieves egoistic results vindicating even the wishes of IYMKKJG4. The Coronation was planned by government for 4th October 2011 and was shifted to 17th October 2011 but it never took place. Stories are spread that we are the ones who were setting the dates, when it was the same Royal household which requested for the coronation date through a meeting with then Minister of Local government Hon Anna Kachikho. This was done as just as a deception. Everybody in Blantyre and the DC Offices knew behind everybody’s back that the regent and her cohorts never wanted to coronate Mswati. Their plan was and is still to coronate Mswati after he gets his University Degree.

Last year in 2011, all Inkoses mobilized all the necessary resources from their subjects and delivered them to Nkosini in readiness for the coronation. But a letter was written to government that 23rd September 2011 at the DC office that they were not ready for coronation of Mswati. Who was not ready & why they were not ready is an issue which has to be resolved in good time. Otherwise it is also possible that the coronation will not take place. At least I am not the one who instructed the Inkoses and their subjects to mobilize resources for the coronation. Our efforts were just to complement the organizational process because we saw that the necessary preparations for the coronation to happen were not taking place. To some of us it was clear there was not going to be a coronation anyway. However the government did its part to prepare and they Government was ready for coronation on the day King Mswati 3rd was at the Lake with our State President. To those observing from afar, it was clear that the Willard Gomani household did not want to coronate Mswati, whilst all the other households were in favour of the coronation.  To unite as a family, they had to identity a pig in which they would cast their evil spirits into and that was ME. –  a symbol and advocate for the coronation. So they did! – Anyway the story is much longer than this and is not subject of this email.

Therefore, to achieve the coronation Mswati Gomani 5 the process will slowly become like trying to fight a Bear “Hearing and watching alone will not be enough. You will have to study the intention of the operatives very well to engage them with the right approach” Their big enemy is TRUTH and their Biggest enemy is TRADITIONAL & CULTURAL TRUTH.  Therefore we should not be easily moved by what we see – These meetings could easily be part of another well designed smoke screen to delay the coronation. The people behind convening these meeting are not and have never been really in favour of coronation of Mswati and they are not dunderheads! Watch carefully who is talking and why! They are definitely looking at the coronation as a legalization of the regency. However, the fact is that once we coronate Mswati, the regency is over and the Alumuzana take over to run the kingdom with the King. They will be playing around for an end game where the current regent is still the Bishop of Lizulu!

As these meetings have started, the operatives have to be aware that:-

  • The Coronation committee needs to establish why the coronation failed on 17th October 2011. There is clear evidence in Local Government that the President approved the coronation of Mswati in September 2011 and the regent was informed through a meeting with then minister. However, the DC never released the information, but instead they went into over drive with some Impis to cancel the coronation. It is also important to know that due to our dilly dallying we were late in submitting the coronation cloth for production at Mapeto. It was indicated during one of the preparation meetings that the Family was already in the process of producing a coronation cloth. Our Enquiries indicated that the cloth in question was on Makwangwalas coronation. We therefore went late into an emergency overdrive to produce a new design for the coronation cloth. As we were late, production of the coronation cloth at Mapeto DWSM for Mswati Gomani 5 was accelerated by a Presidential directive to Mapeto. (You can ask the MD of Mapeto he will tell you the story). Why was the State President concerned? Because he wanted a colourful event on our behalf and the cloth was ready two weeks before the coronation day because of the presidential intervention! Nothing to do with the magic of Mr Govati. There was a team which was involved in the design of the cloth and I remember to have mentioned their names in an email on the forum. What am I trying to say? Simple – we need to find out what went wrong and who was involved in the cancellation of the coronation? You will find that it is the same people who were behind this latest meeting! It’s nothing to do with this soul called Govati!
  • Anyway, with the above in mind, I would recommend that the first step is to obtain a date for the coronation of Mswati Gomani 5 from OPC through The Minister of Local Government. This can be done through a formal request sent through the DC’s Office. Meaningful meetings for the coronation can only start when we have an indicative date for the coronation from the government and not vice versa. Do not forget that Government gave us a coronation date last year after our request but WE declined the coronation, despite that the government was ready to provide all the resources for the coronation and that King Mswati brought in all the necessary traditional materials for the coronation. So it is important to know that we are being watched closely. Especially the players behind this deceptive game, they are being watched and monitored! So they players need to play this game carefully!
  • All The 7 Gomani Royal households have to fully participate in the process. Am I assured this is the case? To most of the people in this coronation game have always undermined the Kanjedza Gomani 4 family and the other Philip Gomani Families. We also have the Mandala Maseko, the Bvumbwe Maseko, The Mataya Families, the Kanthula Family,  the Chanthunya Families. All these plus others have been pivotal in the strength of the Gomani Paramouncy. We all have a duty to ensure that the divide and rule game comes down to a reasonable level. On the other hand Mswati has brothers! He has blood relatives from the Mlundira family, where his late mother Inkosikati Esther comes from! (She was buried in Lizulu) This young King has never seen any of his cousins or relatives since day one of his life! We have Inkosi Kachere, who is the custodian of Mswati Mother’s family. They need to be brought in the picture! Yes, we Impis have a role to play, but we should not be used to undermine sections of the Royal Family! We need to ensure that all members of the royal family are treated with necessary recognition and respect. These meetings need to mitigate some of these issues otherwise tidzapusa nazo mtsogolomo.
  • To ensure that the coronation is not a smoke screen, we need to seriously look at who will be in control of the Paramouncy after the coronation.  The traditional Privy Council for Mswati must be reconstituted or should be setup and must be part of the coronation process. What we should all know is that, Traditionally, Mswati was recognised as as Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani 5 on the day of the burial of his father. This is a traditional fact which most of us prefer to ignore. The coronation in August 2012 is just government investure and the invocation of the powers in the chief’s act and recognition of Mswati as Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 5! Of course Plus the new Gown! Thereafter, what next? Are we not expecting any changes in the Traditional governance in Nkosini? Are we going to continue with the current disorder? Is this why we want the coronation? Otherwise we will end up with the same mess we have at moment and there will be no way out. People want the coronation of Mswati Gomani 5 by the government because they want a new beginning. They want a new lease of life, they want a new style of leadership, and they want a return to cultural and traditional dictates! They are tired of paying fines for dancing Ngoma. This does not mean that people hate anyone, no! They just want traditional order and peace! Otherwise there is no need for coronation from a Traditional point of view! We can continue with the current arrangement of the illegal regent. If we are not careful, this coronation in August 2012 will to legitimize the rule of the regent and we will never get rid of the regent! Worse still Mswati may never rule! I therefore urge everyone of good reason to avoid going through this path blindly as we are going to end up hanging the young Inkosi Ya Makosi on a very dangerous cross!
  • The coronation is a historical Traditional event and all the processes need to be documented. Therefore prompt detailed record keeping is vital. Our King is young and will need to have a true picture and record of all the processes leading to the coronation. We have a few people who are just interested with the commercial elements of the coronation to make money for their business entities while giving Tradition and culture a raw deal! We need to ensure that the traditional elements of the coronation are prepared for will all the pageantry well practiced and rehearsed. All inkoses need to be involved in the traditional preparations. New songs, Zibiya, New Zishango 3-5 ft tall, Minyoni, you name it. We need several new praise singers and they need training, most important to be identified. Then we have the people in the villages who have already contributed for the coronation which was cancelled last year. Are they contributing again this time? Did we keep their contributions? If we knew we were not prepared for the coronation in 2011 why we were collecting the contributions from the villagers in Paramouncy in the first place? This is the deception which I always talk about. This is why it is important to look carefully where we are flying towards because if you fly like a night bug you end up getting burnt in the lantern! (Kadziwotche).
  • It is important that The King should come to the throne with all the squabbles sorted out.  It is important to appreciate that the legacy behind his Throne is not good. As young as He is, will not be able to deal with skeletons in the wardrobe and the divided people around him. The coronation committee therefore will need to plan the coronation beyond the drinking and the dancing. They need to examine the governance structure he will inherit and they need to do something about it.  The elders which we have consulted recommend the reinstallation of the alumuzana’s of his father who were sidelined by the regent to pave way for her reign.
  • Once again I will quote Sun TZU’s – The Art of War and Shaka Zulu and IYMKKG4 That – Never leave an Enemy Behind. Be aware that behind all those smiles you are seeing might not be true smiles! The fact will still remain that a few people are not happy with the coronation of Mswati Gomani 5.
  • Then we have the wife of Kanjedza Gomani and his children Frank, Zwelithini, Thembi and Lumbani who are being tortured and living in the wilderness! Why do we have this kind of hate. Why treat children of your brother like slaves? Why do we support the idea of chasing them from their fathers house? Would you be happy if your sister handled your children the way we handled handled Kanjedza Family? I do not understand why? Impis Why? Why Impis? Anakulakwilani chain Ana ndi mkazi wa Kanjedza Gomani? Ufumu womwewu tikuufunawu basi anse anyase koma Mswati Yekha ndi Mwana wabwino woti tinsamale? Tiyeni tipange manyazi ndithu. (We need to be ashamed, what wrong did the children of Kanjedza commit to deserve this kind of treatment even from Impis?)
  • Then we have the Impi community. Why is it that we only see 5 active Impis out of the 38 Impis on the current Royal? Why did we have only 3 Impis present in the meeting on 14th January 2012? Our investigations indicate a few of them refused to attend the meeting due to unfinished business of the previous failed coronation. Why does the Paramouncy appoint Impis in the first place? Why do we only use 3-4 Impis out of the lot of 38? Why is it not possible for Impis to meet and discuss all these issues within the Paramouncy and produce a common direction for the Paramouncy instead of the fire fighting approach currently in use? There is a need for Impis to organize a meeting a soon as possible in order to provide proper direction for the Paramouncy. Otherwise mitundu inayi yayamba kutiseka! We are busy in commission of inquiries but we are failing to commission our own inquiries for directing the Paramouncy. Am sure someone out there should seriously call for a meeting of Impis. My understanding about Impis, there is no Impi who is a senior to any Impi! They are all equal with different expertise for use in the Paramouncy. Yes I say we need a meeting of the Impis! Let’s propose a date a place. Let the Impis meet!
  • Then we have the dangerous game of mudslinging by the elite Impis and Paramouncy. One person went and told a Senior Government Minister that Three Impis were responsible for the cancellation of the coronation because one of the has presidential ambitions and belongs to one old party and they had been having meetings planning for their announcement as presidential candidates! Why? Why? Why? – Ungoni umenewu? Just because one does stand for the truth and tells you the truth and you go out to damage them like that? What kind of a leader betrays his own soldiers? That is why I say, you need to look beyond what you see! For example ask yourself why were most of the Blantyre Impis not present in the Lizulu meeting? Why were the Lilongwe Association invited to this meeting for the first time? Why were they not invited to the 2011 Lizulu coronation meetings?   Whilst it is a good development that we Ngonis of Lilongwe are now recognized as formidable entity, we have to look out for Lizulu traps. Most us here are employed and working in quasi government offices. Therefore any silly slip of expected loyalty, and non alignment to the wishes of the Paramouncy could land you in a tirade of mudslinging and trouble because you are dealing with fuel in a jerry-can. I can assure you one thing – If I was employed I could have been out of work and bankrupt! Yes they have managed to take away my business, but they cannot take away my mandasi business!. Imagine the whole Paramouncy went public to declare that I do not come from Ntcheu? Me not from Ntcheu just because you do not like me? Yes that is meant for public consumption! – just to discredit me and make me PERSON NON GRANTA in Ntcheu. So my friends you need to be careful, bumpy road ahead! If you are son of a slave from matengoland – Chenjera!
  • I want to present or suggest formula to you. I want This formula to be the tool which we should all use for evaluation of what is happening at every stage of the coronation process  I hypothesize that :  Threat = Intention+Capability. As for me, currently the threats I have expressed in here are real because, The INTENTIONS of major players behind the coronation preparations are not to coronate Mswati this year. This threat is real because they have arranged that Mswati is going to UK to study Law. Team behind the coronation meeting has previously demonstrated their ability to stop a coronation from taking place! So Mswati will be in UK and the current arrangement will continue Coronation or no coronation.  QED.

For those that are going to be part of the planning team for the coronation, it is important for them to know that RODE OF LOVE on which we all tend to hang all the goodies of our Tradition and culture fell down after the death of Kanjedza Gomani 4. The love and care for tradition is completely lost. They need to bring this back into its place this rode of love otherwise the life of the new King will extremely be difficult. The new King will come to the throne with no motherly love and no Brotherly love, and no maternal love, all these were taken away by the RODE of LOVE that fell down. Currently we cannot hang any curtains love on the rails because the rode which holds the curtains is down. Someone will need to put the RODE of Love back in Place. This was the objective of the last Royal family meeting in 2011 which was held in Lizulu on 27th August 2011. The meeting was graced by Impi Katola, Impi Chikaonda, Impi Mark Katsonga and Impi Kandi Padambo was the secretary. In this meeting a lot of issues pertaining bringing back unity and harmony in Royal house were discussed and agreed. What happened the following two days was more chaos than anyone could imagine. It is very strange to note that people resume coronation meetings without revisiting the implementation of the resolutions of this historic meeting! All the issues which will impede the coronation and life thereafter are all intact!

For those of us who support the coronation of Mswati, our FAITH is being tasted and we need to call PATIENCE overdrive. We have the CONFINCIDENCE that Mswati Gomani 5 will be coroneted and be coroneted this year. Yes the CIRCUMASTANCE will keep on changing but we FAITH in our Lord Jesus Christ, and FAITH in the spirit of his father IYMKKJG4, and FAITH in the spirits of his ancestors that they will ensure that we get our Gomani 5!

Yes one or two people will always try to instill FEAR in us so that we lose the FAITH and the HOPE we have. FAITH is our pillar of RESISTANCE and we do have a lot of JOY every time we know that Mswati Gomani 5 will be our King, it’s just a matter of time.  Therefore let us urge everyone involved to stop wasting time – because time is on the side of our King. He will grow up and he will be able to make sense of these things we are all doing for or against him. We can hide with a face of charity and good smiles to him, and the Royal house. He will try to make sense of all these actions when he is King!  See the film SHAKA ZULU and you will know what I am talking about! Also see the film Lion King (1984) you will come to appreciate some of these things better. Also read the story of Cetswayo, a similar story with Mswati’s case. Need any assistance, call me.

So I have the PATIENCE. PATIENCE for me is the ability to stay the same despite the changing circumstances.  I have Faith and confidence that no matter what kind of fear that will be imposed on me I will make sure I see Mswati on his Throne this year! I promised his father to ensure that Mswati is coroneted! The Ngwenyama himself also knows this very well because he was there when I made this pledge.

Musiyileni Mwana Mpando wake! Anamusiyila bamboo wake! This is the title of the newly composed Ngoma song for the coronation!

Yes Yes shoot the messenger! Shoooooooooot!


16th January 2012




By Charles M. Govati.

Please note that this Report was compiled after the 3rd Novemeber 2010 meeting of the Gomani Royal Family. The minutes of that meeting are also available on request.

Executive Summary

This report has been written in order to put on record some of the critical events that have happened after the Sleeping of Inkosi Ya Makosi Kanjedza Gomani 4. The report is not aimed at discrediting any person but aims at bring into perspective all the issues which have led the current stalemate in the Gomani Royal Household. The report also serves to present our personal position and view points on issues which persecuted us since the death of Ngwenyama Kanjedza Gomani 4. This

The report is divided into four parts.

  • The Introduction.
  • Background events which have brought the stalemate
  • The report of the six Philip Gomani Royal family households meeting.
  • The reflections, view points and recommendations of the Gomani Royal Household.

As you will notice from the report, it is clear that there is no issue which has been conclusively resolved. Most issues on the agenda were not tackled and a lot of questions still remain unanswered. Therefore there is need for several more meetings to iron out the differences. What this meeting managed to achieve was that:-

  1. At least, they have finally succeeded to meet as The Gomani Royal family”.
  2. They have attempted to tackle one or two burning issues while avoiding disruption of the meetings due to entrenched view points.
  3. We also managed to discuss the sticky and critical issue of the Regency despite that they failed to conclusively conclude who should replace Mrs Malinki as regent.
  4. We also manage to raise awareness of Mrs Malinki on her Cultural and Traditional obligations in looking after Socio-economic needs and support for the Gomani 4 Royal Family despite having personal differences with individuals.
  5. We also managed to agree that Nkosini is the official home and village of the Inkosikati. Full lobola was paid and she cannot be banished from Lizulu nor her Royal household.

It is also clear from the briefing which Mr Henry Gomani gave after the meeting at Lizulu on 3rd November 2010 and in the letter dated 3rd November 2010 to the District Commissioner of Ntcheu that:-

  • At the moment, though Mrs Rosemary Malinki continues to act as regent, she is not the rightful person to act as a regent. We are to pursue this issue until an amicable final resolution is reached based on the conduct of the regent, but most likely through the Courts due to the uncompromising attitude of Mrs Malinki and some Impis from Blantyre.
  • The Memorial service of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 4 was cancelled as it was cultural and traditionally unprocedural to host the memorial service before a 2 year mourning period. It was also unprocedural to start preparing the event without consulting the 6 Philip Gomani Families and without building tombstones for both Gomani 3 and Gomani 4.
  • The events marking the memorial of the Inkoses will commence in May of 2011.


The Agenda of the meeting was set on 14th October 2010 during the meeting of the 6 Philip Gomani 2 families and the Inkoses at the Ntcheu DC’s office. The meeting was convened after Frank & Zwelithini Gomani launched a complaint to the Minister of Local Government. Main complaint sighted was the mistreatment and isolation which the Family of Late Kanjedza Gomani 4 was receiving from the regent and her support machinery. The meeting was sanctioned by the Minister of Local Government and was presided over by the Distict Commissioner for Ntcheu. During the meeting it became clear that all the Maseko Inkoses were either not aware of the dictates of Maseko Ngoni Law and Tradition or they were playing hide and seek games with the issues which were presented to them to resolve on behalf of the Royal family members.

Realizing that a solution to the various issues raised will not come by through the Maseko Inkosis, The Ntcheu DC, Mr Macleod Kadamanja proposed that all the 6 Philip Gomani families convene a family meeting to discuss all the internal and sensitive matters. During the discussions, members of the 6 six Philip Gomani households selected me, Henry Hastings Gomani, to be the interim Head of the Philip Gomani Royal Family which constitutes the traditionally legal Royal family. I was given the mandate to convene family meetings of the Gomani Royal households and report the proceeding and resolutions to the DC. It was during this meeting where it was discussed and agreed that all the 6 Philip Gomani 2 families must convene the first meeting to map a united way forward on the following issues :-

  1. Identification of the Gomani Royal Household members
  2. Current state of the Regency.
  3. Upbringing of Crown Prince Mswati & His Ngoni Education
  4. Respect of the Royal Family
  5. Leadership & Communication within the Royal Family
  6. Monies and Property for the Deceased estates of Late Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 4
  7. Financial and material Support and care for The Inkosikati and Kanjedza Gomani 4 children.
  8. Education of the other children of Kanjedza Gomani namely Frank, Zwelithini Thembisile and Lumbani Gomani
  9. Construction of tombstones for late Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 3 and 4
  10. Memorial services for all past Ngwenyama’s From Gomani 1 to 4
  11. Roles and Duties of Inkoses towards the Gomani Royal family
  12. Roles and Duties of Impis towards the Gomani Royal family
  13. The Maseko Gomani Trust

The date and Venue of the meeting.

We, the families agreed that 3rd November 2010 would be the date of the meeting. The meeting was scheduled to take place at Ntcheu DEM’s conference room at Ntcheu boma. This venue was chosen because it was a neutral venue and also convenient place for all the families in terms of transport. However, the Ntcheu DC decided against this venue because the issues were of a traditional nature and we needed a traditional setting. We then changed the venue to Gomani Chikuse Memorial site ground in Ntcheu. However, the family of Willard Gomani 3, which is holding the disputed regency, was not in favour of Ntcheu as a venue. They in turn proposed Lizulu, the current seat of the paramouncy as a venue. After careful considerations and the need to ensure that the meeting takes place, We agreed to Lizulu as a venue despite the fears that the venue was not neutral and polarized against the other Gomani families.



Just after the death of Ngwenyama Kanjedza Gomani 4, a lot of issues sprung up against the Gomani 4 royal household. Most of the early issues were spearheaded by the regent against the Inkosikati and the children of the royal house.   The main issues which we reported to the previous Minister of Local government were :-

  1. The welfare of the bereaved family.
    • No upkeep money for the family.
    • All condolence money MK 792,000.00 + MK 200,000.00 (from Lingalawe) was taken by Rosemary Malinki without giving a single penny to Inkosikati and children for up keep.
  2. The Schooling of Mswati and his brothers.
  3. No support from Royal family to Nkosikati.
  4. Property grabbing.
    • Being prevented from using the vehicles.
    • Being prevented from accessing her husband’s accounts.
    • Cattle were seized and taken away to Mr Donda kraal for safe keeping.
  5. The expressed will/wish of the late Kanjedza Gomani 4 was ignored by the regent despite several appeal
    • His son Mswati to be crowned.
    • Regent to be Josephine Zakulanda and He had good reason for this choice.
  6. Offer from trust for Mswati’s school was ignored despite that it was pre arranged by our father with the Gomani Trust. The Offer included
    • One year fully sponsored at Mtendere Secondary School.
    • Thereafter to continue schooling in Swaziland.
  7. Psychological torture from sister in-laws, nephews and nieces.
    • Saying that she killed her husband deliberately.


The Ritual Gathering after 33 days of mourning.

During this ceremony on 31st October 2010 a lot of people attended to witness the passing of 33 days of mourning for our sleeping Ngwenyama. Some of the prominent people who attended the ceremony included :-

  1. Hon Assan Lipande
  2. Prof, Timpunza Mvula
  3. Impi Wilfred Katola Nyoni
  4. Mr Kadamanja. DC Ntcheu
  5. Thandanjani S. Gomani
  6. Owen Gomani
  7. Charles Govati
  8. Collins Chibondo
  9. Inkosi Njolomole
  10. Inkosi Masasa
  11. Inkosi Champiti
  12. Inkosi Ganya
  13. Inkosi Phambala
  14. Inkosi Kwataine
  15. Inkosi Mpando
  16. Inkosi Bvumbwe
  17. Eti India
  18. Black India
  19. Henry Gomani
  20. Titus Gomani
  21. Mswati Gomani
  22. Rosemary Malinki
  23. Edith Gomani
  24. Thoko Malinki
  25. Zithe Malinki
  26. Doreen Kamaliza
  27. Sailane Malinki
  28. Mr Chatepa
  29. Mr Whayo
  30. Albert S. Gomani
  31. Mr Mbereswa
  32. Mr Mpalale
  33. Ben Chibwe
  34. Lumbani Gomani
  35. Thembisile Gomani
  36. Marjory Ngaunje
  37. Dave Lingalawe
  38. Sympathy Chisale
  39. Bema Ziphondo
  40. Members of the Adventist University Chior
  41. Members of the CCAP Clergy
  42. Members of Mzamani Village and Lizulu in general

The Closed meeting which nominated and selected Mrs Malinki as Regent.

As time drew closer for the main ceremony on the ground in front of the grave site at lizulu, the following people were called into a private circus meeting to deliberate on the possible candidates to become regent. The procedure is that the Royal family members nominate the possible candidate(s) and presents the name(s) to the counsel of Inkoses who approve or reject the proposed name(s). The people who formed the circus as Royal family members were :-

  1. Inkosi Phambala
  2. Titus Gomani
  3. Edith Gomani
  4. Rosemary Malinki
  5. Mr Bema Ziphondo
  6. Mr Black India
  7. Miss Eti India
  8. Mrs Marjore Ngaunje
  9. Inkosi Champiti

It is this elite group of supporters and friends of Mrs Malinki which proposed and declared that they had chosen her to become the regent. As you will notice, this group does not qualify the definition of Royal Family. Secondly it is important to note that the DC for Ntcheu was present during the ceremony but he refused to join the caucus as he felt this was a traditional matter. We were therefore surprised as members of the Royal family that the DC accepted the notion that the regent was nominated by the Royal House of Gomani.

The Presentation of the Selected Name of the Regent to the Counsel of Inkoses.

After the caucus had selected Mrs Malinki, Inkosi Phambala took the name for presentation to the Counsel of Inkoses. When the name was delivered, all the Inkoses started dispersing as they did not want to discuss the name of Mrs Malinki. It was only Inkosi Njolomole and Inkosi Bvumbwe who remained in the Royal House. Inkosi Njolomole started shedding tears for what was happening and gave the following comment: – The problem is that when we select a family member to become a regent, they always do not easily give back the throne to the owner.

Several Impis, who were present, lead by Impi Wilfred Katola tried to recall the other inkoses to come back and discuss the regent issue but they all denied. It was clear on this day that the Inkoses were not interested in the name and did not want to be part of the endorsing process.


The Announcement of the Name of the Regent

All the people gathered for the main memorial ceremony and some of the Inkoses regrouped to attend. When the religious service had completed, Mr Titus Gomani was requested to announce the name of the regent as Mrs Malinki. After the announcement, there was clear commotion on the sidelines as the Samson Gomani family were clearly protesting and were being contained by the police which were present. After the ceremony, they furiously confronted Mr Titus Gomani as to why he announced the name of Anamaseko. His reply was that he did not want to cause trouble at a ceremony like this one as he felt there is a better forum to handle these issues and not in public. He also said that he was also not happy with the selection but it was Miss Eti India who proposed the name.

This is how Mrs Malinki came to be the current regent. The process did not follow Ngoni law, culture and Tradition. This was how the current regency crisis was triggered.

Interaction with the District Commissioner for Ntcheu, Mr Macloud Kadamanja.

The interaction between the Gomani Royal Household and the DC for Ntcheu changed and transformed to a cat and mouse relationship. It became clear that the DC was behind the scenes working against the Gomani royal Household by writing letters to Government in support of the Regent. The basis of these actions was that the Inkoses in Ntcheu wrote a letter to the DC informing him that they selected and endorsed Mrs Malinki as the Regent. In response we were told that the government approved and endorsed Mrs Malinki as the Acting Inkosi ya Makosi.

While we were not very worried with development, we were concerned that the DC and Mrs Malinki started sidelining the appeals of assistance from the royal house and supported the mistreatment of Inkosikati and her children. It soon became clear that the DC was more of a foe than a friend who could represent justice in the modern day rule of law.

The death of Princes Thokozile the Eldest Daughter of Mrs Malinki

The death and burial of Thokozile Malinki marked the climax of confusion and lack of unity within the Gomani Royal household. The way funeral ceremony was handled and rushed leaved a lot to be desired from the regent. There were no consultations and discussions as a family on the proceedings and a lot of relatives and friends shunned the Royal Household. We thought that Thokozile was one of us and she deserved a proper burial and mourning period.

As the memorial ceremony preparations for Gomani 4 were at an advanced stage, We from the Royal family expected that the memorial service would be cancelled as respect for the passing of Thokozile. To our surprise we learnt that the regent has quickened the burial of Thokozile to ensure that the memorial service goes ahead. This was very untraditional & uncultured move which stunned most of us who were observing the issues unfold. It was from this moment onwards that it was clear to most elders in the Royal establishment that Mrs Malinki required serious counsel. She was taking the Maseko Ngoni establishment into unchartered territory.

Meeting with The Maseko Gomani Trust on 24th October 2010 – The Turning Point Event

The Gomani 4 Royal household decided to meet the Maseko Gomani Trust which was established by their Sleeping father Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani 4. In their perception, they were wondering why the Trust is not assisting them with the various issues and wanted to understand the Trust position and how they could assist the Gomani 4 family in resolving the issues which were now becoming unbearable.

When the business of the fifth Amang’amane Maseko Gomani Trust was officially closed at 16:00hrs on Saturday 24th October in Ntcheu DEM’s Conference room, the Task force that was instituted by the regent Mrs. Rosemary Malinki led by Leonard Chikadya entered the conference room to present their concerns to the Amang’amane Maseko Gomani Trust on behalf of the Gomani Royal Family.

The Task force was chaired by Leonard Chikadya with Inkosi Kwataine and Prof Timpunza Mvula as members. As soon as the task force entered the conference room, the Gomani Royal family led by Mr. Henry Gomani also found their way into the conference room since they are the Gomani royal family. Rolf Andrews who is the chairman of the Trust welcomed the task force and asked Mr. Leonard Chikadya to introduce his team. After the introduction of the Task force members, Rolf Andrews introduced his fellow trustees before handing over back to Leonard Chikadya to deliver their concerns to the Trust.

When Mr Leonard Chikadya started to speak people listened attentively. To everybody’s surprise Mr Leonard Chikadya requested the chairman to remove the video camera because it was not in their interest to video record the discussions. This request surprised the Chairman of the Trust. However the Chairman of the trust clarified to Mr Leonard Chikadya that all the Trust meetings are video graphed for the documentation purposes of the Trust and that the videos are strictly private, confidential and not for public consumption. But Mr. Leonard Chikadya strongly insisted that the Camera must be switched off for fear of manipulating the contents of the video if the material falls in wrong hands.

Then Rolf asked his fellow trustees one by one whether the dialogue must really proceed exclusive of a camera. Trustees Levi Mihowa and Helen Singh were of the opinion that the camera ought to be switched off. But trustee Charles Govati opposed to the idea and maintained that the deliberations have to be video graphed, alluding to the fact that some people are not honest and sincere in their transactions, therefore not trustworthy and unfaithful to accept as true, hence video recording was vital and imperative to avoid altering of conclusions. Subsequent to various persuasions they agreed to switch off the camera and went on with the conference.

The participants were dismayed at the second request by Leonard Chikadya who demanded the exit of the Gomani family members who were present in the meeting. These include; Inkosikati Rhoda Gomani, Frank Gomani, Zwelithini Gomani, Dingswayo Gomani, Owen Gomani, Henry Gomani, Hlala Kammwamba Jere. Leonard Chikadya urged that the task force wanted to meet the trust and not anybody else.

Rolf Andrews did not understand why Mr Leonard Chikadya and his team wanted the Gomani family members out of the meeting. The Chairman thought that, since the Task force came with concerns from Mrs. Malinki, who is also a member of the royal household, similarly the Gomani Royal family members who were present on this day were also part and parcel of the same family they were claiming to represent. But Mr. Leonard Chikadya maintained his stand that they should not attend the meeting site the reason that whole Royal family was not well represented.

Then Rolf Andrews, in his capacity as the chairman of the Trust, called the trust members to confer the matter outside, leaving the Chikadya task force and the Gomani family members face to face. The absence of the trustees, the situation degenerated into a verbal war as The Gomani Royal family members took the task force to task. First were Frank and Zwelithini who wondered which Gomani royal family they were representing and who they were working for. Dingiswayo further wondered why they did not want the Gomani family members to attend to the discussions with the Trust of which they are also equally the owners and beneficiaries.

Inkosikati also took her turn accusing the task force members of double standards, betrayal and turning a blind eye to the current problems she was facing with the children. She accused Mr Chikadya of advising his late husband that Anamseko had mismanaged the kingdom during her regency and he urged Kanjedza Gomani to fix the problems which were created by Anamaseko. The Inkosikati informed Mr Chikadya that she was surprised with him now that she working with the very anamaseko she was accusing of messing up things to mess things and issue even more. She accused Mr. Chikadya of unforgivable betrayal because now She, the Inkosikati is suffering because of the advice and support he gives to anamaseko. She also accused Prof Timpunza Mvula for character assassination and challenged him to produce evidence of his claims about Inkosikati being a prostitute. None of the task force members to responded to the queries which were coming from the members of Royal household.

After some succinct discussion outside the room, the trustees emerged and Rolf Andrews called off the discussions by officially declaring the end of the meeting.

But in his last words Mr. Leonard Chikadya thanked the chairman for accepting to meet the task force and his effort to control the situation, and then he asked the Chairman to read the document of grievances during his free time.

Outside the conference room the Gomani family confronted Mr. Chikadya and accused him of bringing division and confusion amongst the royal family members. After their verbal assault the Gomani royal family members went to caution him and his team to immediately stop interfering with Royal family issue and taking lead role in the issues of the Gomani royal family. He was told point blank that he is not a Gomani or a member of the royal family.

The grievances presented in the paper from the Anamaseko Task Force were as follows :-

The Proceedings of the Gomani Royal Family meeting on 3rd November 2010 at Lizulu.

The meeting was indeed convened on 3rd November 2010 at 11:00am. There were a lot of people who came to attend the meeting who included.

  1. Mr Black India
  2. Miss Eti India
  3. Mr Whayo Elder
  4. Mr Whayo Junior
  5. Mr Mbereswa
  6. Mrs. Mwale
  7. Mr. Maele
  8. Emily Makonyola
  9. Vincent Makonyola
  10. Impi Kam’mwamba Jere
  11. Impi Leonard Chikadya
  12. Mr. Thadzi
  13. Mrs. Thadzi
  14. Collins Chibondo
  15. Two Policemen from Lizulu police unit

All these people we not given the opportunity to attend the main family meeting. On the othehand, Inkosikati Rhoda also did not attending this first meeting because she lost her sister the same day and she went to Salima accompanying the body of her deceased sister for burial. The other members of the Gomani 4 Family followed her to funeral in Salima the same day after the meeting. This sudden death of Inkosikati’s sister also threatened to stop the meeting.

The first Gomani Only Private meeting.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Henry Gomani who was the Chairman of the discussions informed the people who had convened for the meeting that the meeting was intended for only the Gomani Royal Family as they were going to discuss private Royal family issues. Mr Henry Gomani therefore requested all non Gomani family members to go out as this meeting. This process served to identify The True Gomani Royal household as presented below.

  1. Henry Hastings Philip Gomani
  2. Owen Titus. P. Gomani
  3. Kungoni Samson. P. Gomani
  4. Dingiswayo Samson. P. Gomani
  5. Madalo Titus. P. Gomani
  6. Loveness Titus. P. Gomani
  7. Thandanjani Samson. P. Gomani
  8. Albert Samson. P. Gomani
  9. Frank Kanjedza.W. P. Gomani
  10. Zwelithini Kanjedza.W. P. Gomani
  11. Rosemary Willard. P. Gomani
  12. Edith Willard.P. Gomani
  13. Charles Kudeni (Son of Simasi Daughter Philip Gomani 2
  14. Steward Mwale ( Son of Lineti the First Child/Daughter of Philip Gomani 2

The Second Round meeting with all interested people who were waiting outside for the resolutions.

After the Private Gomani Royal Family meeting, all the other interested people who had gathered earlier in the day were called into the meeting for a briefing. The briefing was done by Mr Henry Gomani and only centered on two main issues and these were :-

  1. Cancellation of the memorial ceremony and preparations to resume in May 2010
  2. Continuation of Mrs Malinki as regent under observation to change character and style of leadership. She was requested to take care of the needs of the Gomani 4 family.

Sentiments Expressed

After Henry Gomani asked the non Gomani family members to excuse themselves in order to pave way for only Gomani family members to discuss, some people felt offended and first to express his sentiments was Mr. Mbereswa who challenged the decision by asking if their assistance will be required if things go wrong during the meeting

Mrs. Chinseu supported Mr. Mbereswa by commenting that though they were being asked to go out of the meeting, it is the non Gomani family members who are actively involved in all the issues under discussion and they have been very supportive during funerals and celebrations of the royal household.

Outside the meeting hall some people wondered why the meeting was strictly to Gomani family members while the issues in question were concerning the Gomani paramouncy to which every Maseko Ngoni was related.

Worse than that when the meeting was in progress some people outside the meeting wanted to enter and disrupt the meeting citing that the meeting had taken too long. So they were fermenting the intention to stop the meeting thinking that some Gomani family members especially from Samson’s royal family had come with the aim of snatching the Paramouncy from Lizulu.

Opening Remarks

In his opening remarks Whayo junior said that the meeting has been convened in order for the Royal household to discuss on the misunderstandings and mismanagement of traditional & cultural issues to the benefit of regent and has brought damaging effects on the Gomani Royal house.

Matters Arising

These were the main issues that were discussed

The Agenda of the meeting was set on 14th October 2010 during the meeting of the 6 Philip Gomani 2 families and the Inkoses at the Ntcheu DC’s office. During the meeting, was presided over by the Ntcheu DC, it was discussed and agreed that all the 6 Philip Gomani 2 families must convene a meeting to map a united way forward on the following issues :-

  1. Memorial event of the sleeping Inkosi Ya Makosi
  1. Mrs Rosemary Malinki admitted that there were no consultations with the 6 Philip Gomani royal Households. Given that the event is a family issue it was decided to cancel event. Secondly, it was agreed that the mourning period for an Inkosi ya Makosi is 2 years and we had just passed through the one year mark. It was also noted and agreed that the ceremony was being fast tracked and planned in order to provide a lee way to un traditionally banish the Inkosikati from Nkosini. The Royal family members observed that this was un acceptable and the memorial ceremony cannot proceed with that kind of spirit. Lastly it was also observed that the tombstone for the sleeping Gomani 3 and 4 have not been built and it was going to be an act of disrespect to the Sleeping Inkosis. Therefore it was recommended to cancel the memorial service.
  1. The family has agreed that the memorial event will be held in May 2011. I was also agreed that the memorial will include all the past Gomani Ngwenyama’s since no memorial events have been conducted apart from the Gomani Chikuse centenary memorial. Therefore it is proper to have memorials for all past Ngwenyamas. However there are two tombstones to be built for Gomani 3 and Gomani 4.
  1. The family has agreed not to politicize the memorial event. The date and time of the memorial will be decided by the Gomani Royal family. Therefore a convenient date will be announced after the Royal family members have agreed on a specific date.
  1. The issues which need consideration are the Specific Dates, the Memorial cloth design, The Lead person for the event, The venue, The ceremony planning.


  1. Current state of the Regency


  1. The family has said that proper ngoni traditional procedures were not followed during her appointment as a regent and that family members were not consulted and that family members were not present therefore there was no family participation


  1. Rosemary Malinki has apologized for all the wrong actions she has done during her regency and she has promised not to repeat again. Like she did not consult on transacting regency business


  1. Rosemary Malinki has acknowledged that there is an urgent need to correct and improve the situation. This includes.
  • Providing Social and financial support for the deceased family.
  • Co-operation with Inkosikati.
  • Communication with the family members before transacting on Regency and Royal Family business.


  1. The Royal family discussed and agreed that the current leadership is a mess and there is a need to appoint a replacement for the regent. The major reasons being :-
  • Malinki involves outsiders when running the regency in the process forsaking the other royal family members.
  • The Royal family members also said that the current regency is run without the assistance of Royal Ndunas. The Regency is run by people who are very far outside the royal family with their own personal interests.
  • She does not look after or care for the deceased family as a regent
  • Malinki has failed to give Education and socio-economic needs to the widow and children of the deceased.
  • No matter who the regent is, the regent is supposed to care and protect the Royal Family and Mrs. Malinki has failed to provide necessary care and protection and respect of the Gomani 4 Royal household.
  • Worse still she uses some chiefs as instruments to divide and harass the royal family.
  • Mrs Malinki was even using illness of her late daughter Thoko as a scapegoat to justify some of her wrong decisions.


  1. In her response to the proposal of her replacement Mrs. Malinki said that only court can decide on the issue of her replacement. She vowed that she cannot relinquish power since she is the only one capable to act as a regent. In addition, she claims to have been chosen by her late father Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani III to be regent.



  1. The family agreed that until the issues are amicably resolved, Mrs. Malinki should not do anything on issues concerning Ngoni Traditions, Culture and the regency without consulting the 6 Gomani Royal families.


  1. The family also urged Mrs. Malinki to lead by an example. For Example as a Royal Princess :-
  • She should have been aware that she is not supposed to act a regent for Mswati since she already acted as a regent for Kanjedza Gomani 4
  • She aware that according to Ngoni law a woman cannot rule as a Ngwenyama.
  • She aware that a sister cannot be regent to a brother’s throne nor her nephews throne.
  • Lastly, She was married to Mr Malinki and lobola was paid for her and she cannot come back to reign on the Throne of her father nor brother.
  1. Inkosikati and Children

 The Royal family members agreed that Lobola was paid for the Inkosikati and that nobody has mandate to chase her out of Nkosini. However the Inkosikati Rhoda is free to leave Nkosini at her own will and her own time if she wishes so. Otherwise Nkosini is her legal home.

  1. The Royal family members also agreed that it is the responsibility of the Gomani Royal family to build a house for Inkosikati at Nkosini. The House which was bought by Gomani 4 in Blantyre is just an asset for the Gomani 4 family and does not constitute a Royal house for the Inkosikati.
  1. The Gomani Royal family agreed that it is the natural obligation of Mrs Malinki to support the Inkosikati and children unconditionally, since she is receiving monthly salary for Gomani 4 paramouncy.
  1. The family finally resolved that only marriage counselors from both sides can discuss the issues of Inkosikati and nobody else.
  1. Crown Prince Mswati
  1. The meeting agreed that Mswati is the rightful heir, and that everybody respect that position.
  2. Concern was expressed on how Mswati is being raised. The Royal family noted that he is not being raised as a future King as his residence in not the Royal village. He does not have any feel of his people, culture and tradition.
  1. The family also said that by challenging Mrs. Malinki’s regency does not mean that they are against Mswati’s throne. These are two separate issues.
  1. It is also important to note that no one within the five Gomani Royal families want to become Inkosi Ya Makosi. They just would like to see the chieftaincy being run properly and that there are people who can become Regents for Mswati Gomani 5.


General comments and observations.


  1. The Memorial of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani 4

Though the memorial has been shifted to May 2011, there are several views points which came up during the discussions.

  1. The first view point is to plan for a memorial service for all the Sleeping Ngwenyamas from Gomani 2 to Gomani 4.
  2. With the above in mind, we also need to discuss and agree on the venue since the memorial will be for the all sleeping ngwenyama’s. Some people are suggesting that It should be held in Lizulu while others think while others are suggesting the Memorial tower of Gomani Chikuse in Ntcheu, the Patriach of the Gomani dynasty.
  3. To build a tomb stone or two tombstones we will need to have enough preparation time. We need an architect to design a Ngoni style tombstone
  4. We also need to design the memorial cloth for all the Ngwenyamas in good time to allow for marketing of the cloth.
  5. We also suggest that we need to identify a dedicated member of the royal family who will take the leading role in this undertaking. This person when identified he will be handling all the issues on behalf of the royal family in order to develop the spirit of working together as one. This will be an opportunity to bring unity and trust within the Royal family and will ensure that members of the Royal family are not sidelined.
  6. We also need adequate time and organization for fund raising activities for the memorial. We shall need adequate time to mobile whole paramouncy to financial contribute to the event.
  7. We therefore need to identify a prominent Maseko who will take the lead role to coordinate this event in conjunction with the suggested member representing the royal family.




  1. It is clear that Mrs Malinki ascendancy to the regency did not follow the ngoni law, culture and tradition.
  2. It does not matter what nice colouring we can put on the wall it is clear that the regent is invalid. We therefore must as a way forward to select two people who will work with her while trying we are figuring out what we want to do.
  3. It was also clear during the meeting that Mrs Malinki was not chosen by the council of Inkoses. Bambo Edith said that it was their father Ngwenyama Willard Gomani 3 who chose her to be regent and not the chiefs. This clearly testifies that all the letters which were written to the DC by the Inkoses were just doctored by Inkosi Phambala to justify the selection of Mrs Malinki.
  4. Mrs Malinki also clearly informed the Royal family members during the meeting that according to her, if we are not satisfied with her as a regent, we can go to court.
  5. We therefore think that the best way to resolve the issue is to go back in court and contest the issue properly.
  6. As one of the main agenda items of the meeting was to resolve the issue of the regency we are going to do as she said because the agenda of the meeting was to resolve this issue in order to have the good Maseko Ngoni which will bring good fruits to our people.
  7. Going to court after we have failed to resolve the issue internally will prevent us from quarrelling and mistreating each other every.


  1. Financial Support for the Gomani 4 Family.


  1. This is a very tricky issue given that ever since Mrs Malinki became regent she has never been willing to assist us nor has she assisted us in anyway. She collects the monthly salary of the paramount Chief from the DC but she has never given us money for our up keep.
  2. Mrs Malinki’s acceptance and promise that she will start assisting us was just make the issue pass in order to close the meeting. Otherwise the way we know her, she accepted this un willingly.
  3. The way I understand issues of support, is that when you want to assist someone you need to feel the calling inside your heart. Somebody’s feelings of compassion cannot just be transferred to someone through the word of mouth. Unless proper mechanisms are put in place, Mrs Malinki will continue to torture us financially.
  4. Bear in mind that all the children of Gomani 4 are out of school and we have never received any financial support from Mrs Malinki.




  1. The issue of chasing and banishing our mother from Nkosini is very shameful for the Ngoni people, culture and Tradition. It is also very sad to note that some Inkoses are in the fore front misleading the regent on the issue.
  2. It is clear to us that the issues are personal to Mrs Malinki. The issues have not surfaced because of the death of our father. Our father used to tell us that the issues against the Inkosikati date as far back as the marriage to our father. She opposed the marriage for her own good reason but our father insisted on marrying our mother.
  3. We, the children olde enough and better placed to complain about the Inkosikati but we do not find any single fault with her. We are therefore surprised that those people who complain about the Inkosikati they have never stayed with her. Most of those people who complain about hthe Inkosikati stay in Blantyre or Lilongwe.
  4. We are therefore glad that this meeting did tackle the issue objectively and we expect to see changes in attitudes from both sides.
  5. We believe that it is only Mswati Gomani 5 who has the right re- locate her mother when he is King.


  2. We thank all the members of the six royal families of Philip Gomani 2 for respecting the wish our fore fathers by agreeing that Mswati Kanjedza Willard Philip Gomani is a rightful heir to become Gomani 5.
  3. We only have one problem. We have never met our brother since the death our father. We have always lived together in one house all these years knowing that he will be the next King. Our father used to tell us why he was chosen and why we can not become Ngwenyamas. We accepted this fact as reality because we are true Ngonis at heart. But to isolate our blood brother from us is the worst torture we have ever received in our lives. I am sure that Mswati himself is heavily tortured and he is more traumatized than we are because he is very young.
  4. We are appealing to the regent to be a bit more humane and consider giving back Mswati a normal life.
  5. We are also worried Mswati our brother stays away from his people. This will be a big problem in future because he is suppose to learn about his culture and also to learn to identify with his people and culture and be able to provide the needs of his people. This he can learn if he is in touch with his people not hiding in Kasungu and Blantyre.
  6. Lastly, we also feel that Mswati life needs to be balanced. He needs the male influence on his life. Otherwise, when he comes back to school he just stays and lives with women. This is also not good for his future.


  1. Respect of the Gomani 4 Royal Household family members and premises.
  2. We have noted that respect for the members of the Gomani 4 royal family has vanished. Worst still, the respect of the Gomani 4 properties and premises have completely diminished.
  3. Our worry is that when Mswati becomes Ngwenyama, will these people respect him, his property and premises. If we are busy sharing land which belongs to Ngwenyama, what will Mswati find 15 years from now? He will find all the resources plundered by one Vincent?
  4. We are therefore appealing for total respect for the Gomani royal family members, properties and premises. The current organized disrespect will just serve to destroy what the past Ngwenyamas had developed.


  1. The Outstanding Issues.  

There are several issues which require urgent attention as a way forward. Some of these    are outlined below

  1. We need a second family meeting to review progress and also discuss the other outstanding issues which were lined up on the original agenda as presented in the Introduction on page 2.
  2. We need to appoint a Chairperson for the memorial organizing committee
  • Find a way forward for education support of the children
  1. Plan for the best way of bring up and grooming Mswati to become the Ngwenyama. There is need to include cultural and traditional education in his life .
  2. We also appeal that Mswati needs to come out and live a normal life. He needs to participate in all Ngoni ceremonies as Heir to the throne and live with his people. He should be removed from the paradise of hate as soon as possible..
  3. His Ivory Bracelet should be given back to him as the next King. This bracelet is currently worn by our Aunt Mrs Malinki which is not acceptable in Ngoni Tradition. Our father told us that Mrs Malinki refused to give Kanjedza Gomani the ivory bracelet belonging the Gomani 3 and they had to hire an Ivory Bracelet for MK 10,000.00 for the one they used on his coronation.
  • We also need to constitute a new set of Ndunas who will be assisting the Regent in running the affairs of the paramouncy. Inkosi Champiti and Inkosi Masasa have basically not assisted Mrs Malinki and have betrayed the Maseko Ngonis in they way they have handled traditional issues over the past year. They need to be replaced by more rational individuals who have the Maseko Ngoni Law, culture and Traditions at heart.
  • When people want to please they spoil

RemasekongoniResearch Team.

The Gomani Maseko Royal Family – Brief Background

The Gomani Maseko Royal Family

Brief Background

By Charles M. Govati

Remasekongoni Research Team

The oral records gathered this far are showing that, Inkosi Ya Makosi Phillip Gomani II who reigned from 1921 to 1954 married Isika, daughter of Inkosi George Chakhumbira, with whom He had seven children. Two daughters and five sons, namely Linnet, Willard, Samson, Hastings, Titus, Esmas and Saulos. Only Prince Titus is living today. From these seven children of Ngwenyama Phillip Gomani II, originates a very great royal family.

In mid 1950’s, the Colonialists offered then Mpira farm (near Kasale Village (behind Chikuse Primary School) to Inkosi Ya Makosi Philip Gomani II. The Colonial government persuaded Ngwenyama Phillip to reside at this piece of land sighting the fact that Lizulu was a bit far from Ntcheu Boma (Boma=British Overseas Millitary Administration). So the colonialists asked Inkosi Ya Makosi Phillip Gomani II to occupy the Mpira farm which was considered closer to the Boma.

Shortly after his stay at Mpira, the colonial masters imposed federation over Nyasaland, which our dear Ngwenyama Philip strongly opposed. This did not go well with the Colonialists. They arrested Inkosi Ya Makosi Philip and put him in Zomba prison. Whilst in the hands of the whites, Ngwenyama become seriously ill and he was admitted at Malamulo hospital where he died on 12th May 1954. He was chronically ill suffering from palsy (manjenje)

Since the first born in the family was Linet, a female, it is said that before his death Inkosi Ya Makosi Phillip Gomani II chose Samson who was the third born son to succeed him since Willard the second born son was away working as district administrator in Kasungu and short tempered. Upon consultations among The Gomani royal Family members with elders, Samson agreed to call his brother Willard to return to Ntcheu. It is during this time that Samson offered the crown to Willard, and the dying Ngwenyama ordered Willard to resettle at Lizulu together with Hastings the fourth born son, since Willard was short tempered Hastings was to be close to Willard to moderate his temper whilst assisting Willard in Paramouncy administration. Please note that Hastings is the father of Prince Henry Gomani who resides in Lizulu up to now.

Prince Willard took over as planned and was Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani III, but before he could establish himself he was involved in a political wrangle with the Newly MCP government and Kamuzu ended the Paramouncy. This was due to Muwalo Nqumayos betrayal. After a lengthy dialogue of discussions, Willard was re-installed in 1966 with the grace of the MCP government

Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani III married Effie Phambala (Effie is Elder Cousin to current Phambala) to with whom they bore eleven children, five sons and six daughters. Namely; Margret, Edith, Rosemary, Jean, Boyson, Catherine, Phinason, Kadinazulu, Chidyaonga, Kanjedza and Josephine. Please note Kanjedza & Josephine are Twins. So there are only four females and one male who also happen to be psychologically impaired who are alive. In 1969 Inkosikati Effie was accidentally injured seriously with a rifle on the thigh and she died a year later of other causes.

Being a widower now love life was never the same again for the Ngwenyama, some sources say after some few years of loneliness Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani III fell in love with a Miss Chinseu, from Mlanda a town centre near Lizulu but before they wedded the protective daughters of the Ngwenyama nullified the affair, thus depriving him from enjoying married life under the pretext that he should mourn his wife for the rest of his life. Once Ngwenyama always a Ngwenyama, though denied marital love this time Inkosi Ya Makosi changed his hunting strategy, now he adopted a secretive method as evidenced by the recent discovery of his four children in Zomba at Chinamwali and one children at Ntcheu who happens to be a Pastor. In mid 1980’s he also fathered, a daughter to one of his cousins from Mozambique in the current Zintambila family, who by then was one of the refugees camped at Lizulu.

In mid 1990’s he had an eye disease that rendered total blindness to the Ngwenyama. It was during this period that the whole Maseko Ngoni tribe went blind too. Capitalizing on Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani III’s incapacity, it is alleged that Rosemary the third born daughter assumed the role of a regent without being appointed or approval. Visitors, friends and relatives were prevented to see the blind King. And some inside sources wondered how only females, his own daughters for that matter managed to properly bath the incapacitated Ngwenyama, difficult to understand. During the same troubling period, the Royal Ivory bangle was forcibly removed from the dying Ngwenyama’s arm, which now can be clearly seen in Rosemary’s arm. On 26th October 2006 His Royal Highness Inkosi Ya Makosi Ngwenyama Gomani III rested forever leaving behind a completely divided royal family and a very sick Kingdom.

The recent research on the Maseko Ngoni history has indicated that there are hundreds of members of the royal house hold though scattered. Apart from those we know to be at Lizulu, others are at Chiole in Chinyamula village in Inkosi Kwataine’s area and there is also a big village at Nthumbi in Group Village head Mandala in the area of Inkosi Champiti. All the Princes no matter where they are Nkosini is their legitimate village, they must start trekking to Lizulu if we are dreaming of reviving the Maseko Ngoni culture. But this is extremely difficult today because of one simple Maseko Ngoni custom which was overlooked by our dear Ngwenyama.

Some reports from Royal House watchers and critical analysis shows that during the reign of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani III, grievous violations of Maseko Ngoni law of tradition were executed resulting in rapid fading of the Maseko Ngoni cultural values. He adored and over loved his daughters so much and in return the Princesses, though some married and some Lobola paid, they loved Nkosini more than their marriages. One notable cultural violation was the total disregard of Lobola, it has been discovered that Lobola was not paid in all marriages of daughters of Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani III, except one Edith, who opted to live strictly single. (But it said that Edith was opted to be wife of his Father, hence all the power she has now. She was sleeping, bathing cooking and dressing her father alone, while Rose was administering the kingdom – The great alliance we are seeing now, and it is Edith who calls the shots) This means that instead of the Princesses to be living at homes of their respective husbands and give space for the Princes to bring wives to Nkosini, the opposite is happening. Males are moving out of Nkosini and females are dominating the royal kraal. This is unhealthy to the coming Maseko Kings whose wives will be no longer at peace with the power hungry sister in-laws, as they are now obsessed with power and control over their males.